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Since opening their doors in January 2000, CityMark has built homes across San Diego County, and we have partnered with numerous communities to revitalize or enhance their downtown districts and neighborhoods. While we have won many awards over the years for these communities, it’s the accolades we receive from our homeowners that say the most about our work.

Management Team

A legacy of building great communities.

Rich Gustafson


“The battles between form and function land squarely on my desk to find the balance. The goal is to institute game changing positive neighborhood change. We give as much as we take – and what we leave on the table benefits everyone. We all win. It’s about keeping that process in perspective.”

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Russ Haley

Vice President

“Today’s challenge is to be bold and consistently develop a culture of ‘cool’ in everything we do. At the core of CityMark is our passion to stay creative, relevant and communicate our imagination. My passion for contemporary architecture is drawn to that urban aesthetic that inspires new and bold solutions with compelling design results.”

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Vince Hoenigman

Vice President

“I love all things related to design – from the urban design issues of how people interact with our buildings at the streetscape level down to the most minute details of where the last electrical outlet should be located to make our residents’ lives more convenient. We use design to improve lives and build community.”

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David Hickman

Vice President, Client Services

“Today’s technology has definitely complicated the process of maintaining urban residences. But at their core, multi-family – mid-rise or hi-rise – we can’t forget that with these buildings are someone’s home. My expertise is in ensuring that all the building systems are working properly and common areas are maintained to a high standard. Buildings are vertical communities and we strive to make each resident proud of their home.”

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Kris Johnson

Accounting Manager

“Everything we do at Citymark is about building community. My passion is to create that same sense of community within our company and with our partners. By instilling the sense that we are all one team of professionals working together – we can bring out the best in each other. The result is building great homes for our buyers and inspired additions to our neighborhoods.”

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