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Inspired by Community

CityMark builds communities with soul by inciting innovation and redefining rules. The CityMark team dares to think bigger than just good design, quality craftsmanship, and low environmental impact. Our neighborhoods are up-and-coming and our communities are city-close. These homes may be built by CityMark but they’re inspired by you.

Meet the Team

Our team members are more than just buildersthey’re designers, visionaries, and most importantly, community members. They select neighborhoods that they’d like to live in, design communities that complement their ideal lifestyle, and craft homes through a creative lens that sets CityMark apart from traditional home builders.

Meet The CityMark Team


Since our inception, CityMark has been committed to the preservation and care of our environment. Our projects are transit oriented, reducing dependence on cars and creating walkable communities. We often focus on infill development to repurpose underutilized land that is past its prime. And we pride ourselves on being sustainably focused, always using the right materials and techniques to reduce our impact.






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