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Q: How long have you been doing real estate?

A: I have been working in real estate since 2010.

Q: What is your philosophy on home selling?

A: Selling and buying homes is not something anyone should jump right into.  Every person’s situation is unique so it’s best to take a look at your own personal needs before finding the most ideal situation for you. Many people are unaware of programs that can aid in your financial well-being. I believe it’s best not to rush and to take your time in ensuring your sale or purchase is the right fit.

Q: What is your favorite hot spot in San Diego?

A: I love Balboa Park. It’s filled with trails to walk or run, old history, the zoo, and many museums!  It’s a great place for me to enjoy the outdoors, learn something, and most importantly share with family when they visit!

Q: What’s your dream home?

A:  My dream home is near a park or beach. It has at least 2 guest rooms (for family and friends), an office, and a view of something with natural beauty whether it be trees, water or even a garden. I like seeing nature, that is where I find my balance.

Q: What sets CityMark apart from other realty companies?

A: I’m not a huge fan of large corporations. I do understand that every business needs money to survive and pay the bills, and I think CityMark has a nice balance of being a successful, well run business, but at the same time, a small and local Mom and Pop shop. I love being a part of something small and local. I grew up in a family who ran their own family business, and that has influenced me to stay small. I am a firm believer in supporting your local businesses.

Q: What drew you to real estate?

A: I actually began my initial studies in Aviation and Air Traffic Control. I wanted to turn my enjoyment of flying planes into a career. However, while I was working on the funding to become an airline transport pilot, I landed a job in real estate helping people during the 2008 great recession with tax adjustments because of the massive depreciation lost in their home value. I really enjoyed doing something that was helping people through a tough time and being a valuable part of the community. In the end, I realized I was happier helping people with real estate rather than flying for a career.

Q: What experience in your career are you most proud of?

A: I really take pride in helping others in need. I can help solve problems and get them into a better situation they didn’t know they could be in. I strive to help without taking advantage of people or situations.

Q: What does your ideal San Diego weekend involve?

A: This is a tough one because living in San Diego is always ideal to me. I am not saying this to be corny, I really feel this way.  I tend to enjoy a morning jog, then the normal morning work routine. Then for lunch, I am surrounded by the park and many incredible local Mom and Pop restaurants that I get to eat at, and often I have lunch with a client, friend, or family. Back to work for the afternoon and the same for dinner, and even more options if I want to hop in the car and go catch a sunset at the beach, I can! You can’t go wrong in San Diego, there are so many places to go and see and it’s all “ideal” to me.


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